​                       World Paddle for the Planet Day June 06, 2016

​                                         Ucluelet, B.C. Canada

​​The West Coast of British Columbia, Canada is known

for its beauty and the paddlers who came to Ucluelet

were rewarded with a stellar day! This area is fairly

remote and there was a  smaller group of hardy and

enthusiastic paddlers who found their way to

WPFTPDay for 2016. The fog rolled in for the first

part of our paddle and created spectacular light and

the most incredible vistas you can imagine! One of the

highlights of WPFTP Day for me is the people that show

up and this year we had all age groups represented. It

was so much fun to see the kids sliding and playing in the

Ocean! Future generations are why we do this event every

year. Once again there were satellite paddles all over the

World and a big "Wave of Change" was sent around the Planet!

​                                              Bob Purdy, WPFTPDay Founder