Our intention is to create a “wave of change”, and you can help by becoming a World Paddle For The Planet partner, organizing a satellite event wherever you are. Your event, wherever you are, can be an hour specifically dedicated to paddling for the planet, or it can simply be a dedication of an existing event towards the mission of World Paddle For The Planet.

It is easy to to dedicate all or a portion of a pre-existing paddle event to the mission of World Paddle For The Planet.  Clearly announce the dedication of your event to the mission of World Paddle For The Planet.  Encourage people to make a single change in their lives, and to commit to that change, such as simply remembering to use those reusable grocery bags, or walking to work one day every week instead of driving.  Heightened personal awareness evolves into heightened social awareness, and one single change will begin a change in our personal and political choices.

Our paddle will be at noon. on the date announced on our home page. While we would suggest that your event be at noon in your time zone, we welcome any and all participation, whenever you paddle. If you are creating a new event especially for World Paddle For The Planet, we ask you to be as inclusive as possible, welcoming all people and all brands and types of paddle craft – canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. 

This event is about making a change in the way we live on this planet.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact​ or message World Paddle For The Planet Day on Facebook.  We would like to post your paddle photo and give you a shout-out.   We’d love to post the change you are making in your life if you would like to share that.  

NO EVENT?  Become a World Paddle Partner Simply as a Solo Paddler or with a Group of Friends!  You can paddle solo, or in a group, without having an event.  Contact us for information and recognition. 


Create a Satellite Event, or simply dedicate an existing event,

or a portion of it, to our mission!